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Ghost Tour

On this tour, we venture through the 'Old Town' of Edinburgh, from the Grassmarket, where the trial and execution of criminals and witches took place throughout the 17th century, to the Witches’ Well at the entrance to Edinburgh Castle, where it is said that many spirits have returned from those killing times to haunt Old Edinburgh. From here the views of the castle by night are magnificent, giving an extra atmosphere to the telling of our stories.

Then, we venture deep into the Royal Mile, exploring the dark side streets of this famous area and telling stories that helped make Edinburgh known for being the home of so many ghosts from centuries past.

Our visitors will be told how those suspected of witchcraft were tortured till they admitted their sins and then executed. We explain how this all began and how politics and religion of medieval Scotland became embroiled in this time.

A truly fascinating insight into Scottish history.

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